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Calling kids between the ages of 5-12 years that love the beach and water, but are not quite ready for our youth surf camp! A popular choice for younger siblings of our youth surf campers. Our Beach Fun summer camps are a perfect place for younger kids who love the beach but want to stay in super shallow water in shin to waist level. Here they can enjoy the ocean and build confidence. Campers will feel comfortable in shallow water catching small gentle waves on an easy to handle boogie board with a camp counselor right at their side. They will develop skills and gain a love for the beach and ocean through a variety of fun games and team building activities.

This is the ideal summer day camp for kids ages 5-12 who are looking to get accustomed to the ocean with constant supervision.  We ensure that each camper arrives with sun protection, we reapply sunscreen, and encourage campers to bring hats for added sun protection.  This program is designed with your little one in mind to share fundamental knowledge and appreciation for the ocean. Sign up today for big fun for your little one! 

Surf Sessions beach activities include:

  • Boogieboarding

  • Ankle to shin deep water games

  • Sand sculpturing

  • Ocean respect & knowledge

  • Team building

  • Fun beach games

Half Day Sesions Times:





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